Court Forms


These form packets are provided by the Family Law Clinic for people who want to represent themselves in a divorce, separate maintenance, or annulment in Gwinnett County:

Requesting A Fee Waiver

If you are unable to afford the filing fee to start your case, you may seek permission from the court to proceed without the filing fee.  You can find instructions and forms for that process here.

Name Change

Frequently asked questions and forms related to name change for both adults and children.

Child Custody

This is a great resource when looking for information and forms regarding child custody in Gwinnett County.


For frequently asked questions and forms related to legitimation this resource is available.

Gwinnett County Courts

This is the official website for the Gwinnett County Clerk’s office. You can find information regarding different courts, judges, case search, forms, court programs, E-filing information, and jury services.

Georgia Clerk’s Authority(Notary Forms)

Information useful for georgia clerk of courts, including notary forms, real estate index, ucc filings, plat and lien information, and much more.

Filing Your Case and Service Instructions

These are guides put together by the Gwinnett Family Law Clinic in regards to E-Filing your case and service after your case has been started.

How to Obtain Copies of Court Documents

If you electronically filed your court documents after 10/1/2018 they can be found with these instructions.  If you did not file electronically or filed before 10/1/2018 you will need to contact Gwinnett County Clerk’s Office @ 770-822-8100.

Passports for Children

If you need information or forms related to obtaining a passport for your child this link is a great resource.

School Enrollment

Under O.C.G.A. 20-2-690.1, a person who is caring for a child in their home is required to enroll that child in school.  If you have questions or need help regarding this process look at these resources.

Child Support Worksheet

The Georgia Child Support Calculator has been developed and made available by the Georgia Commission on Child Support as the official calculator for Georgia’s Child Support Guidelines statute found at O.C.G.A. §19-6-15.

Gwinnett County Ordinances and Codes

County ordinances and codes regulate development, construction, and maintenance of all property in all unincorporated areas.

Georgia Municode

The Municipal Code is a published compilation of City laws and their revisions organized according to subject matter (arranged by title, chapter, and section). The Municipal Code is updated periodically as new ordinances are adopted by the City Council.


The O.C.G.A. is the index of state governing laws enacted by the General Assembly which consists of two chambers, the House of Representatives, and the Senate.

Georgia Probate Court Forms

The Council of Probate Court Judges of Georgia provides standard probate court forms and general instructions.

Magistrate Court Forms Generator

This program is provided free by the Council of Magistrate Court Judges for the public to use and print forms. The program guides the user by questions and providing background information and definitions.

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