About the Library


In 1988, the judges of Gwinnett County approved a Law Library to support the research needs of the Gwinnett County Judicial Circuit and county employees, Bar Associations of Gwinnett County, Gwinnett County litigants and the general public. As the Law Library is funded by court filing fees, it is truly supported by that part of the community that uses the legal/court system.

The public may also use the library for legal research. The library staff provides assistance in finding appropriate materials and suggesting possible resources but may not give advice or interpretation about specific legal situations which might constitute the unauthorized practice of law. The collection covers Georgia and Federal law, case law from other states, and treatises covering popular subject areas.


The mission of the Homer M. Stark Law Library is to provide equal access to legal information through timely and cost-effective measures such as offering print and digital legal resources, legal databases, computer and internet access, and reference assistance by well-trained library professionals to all residents of Gwinnett County, including the bench, the bar, and self-represented litigants.

The vision of the Homer M. Stark Library is to become the fastest-growing, most innovative and technology-driven public law library in the state and to curate our collection and services to best support the needs of our culturally diverse residents.

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